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You don’t have to worry about Bond

September 9, 2008

The second (Full Theatrical) trailer for ‘Quantum of Solace’ has just hit the web. You can nab it >here<

While the first trailer offered us a small glimpse at the first ever proper squeal to a Bond movie, this second trailer shows us abit more to wet our appetites for the November showing.

Listen out for that updated Bond tune.


The low down on download

August 25, 2008

Remember that new game smell? the unwrapping of the plastic seal, the little leaflets jammed inside that you mearly glanced at. Would you miss all that if it were no more?

I’ve no doubt “full” retail games will be around for a long time yet, but it is scary to think that in the summer of 2008 I’ve spent more cash and interest on downloadable games then I have time spent in smelly game stores.

So why is this? well for starters, the summer months are pretty bloody awful for retail games. For money making reasons game company’s like to release all of their games at the end of the year, at the same damn time. So while the end of year is an amazing time for us gamers to try and rush through all our games, staying on top of the “cool food chain” by showing up on outr friends list as playing the “in” game at the time, it makes for a lonely hot summer playing over old hat. There is however a change in the current thanks to the power of the interwebs. Because unlike 20 billion dollar retail games, smaller game company’s like Pixel Junk can put a game together in a few months and because they’re cutting out the middle man, can put the game up pretty soon after it’s finished.

So what games are worth checking out? well, Live Arcade and PSN both have a decent catalogue of games already at their disposable, but this summer really saw both services spike with great content.

Geometry Wars 2

One of the first games to kick of the summers blockbuster downloadable games was Geometry Wars 2. The first game was described as the XBox 360’s “Halo” in terms of a launch game, so no pressure for Bizarre to deliver an even better sequel then.

While the game stays very true to it’s big brothers roots (move with the left stick, shoot with the right) it’s the 6 new modes that set it apart. Along with the integrated friends leader boards, improved visuals and offline multiplayer, for 800 points there is alot of game here for your buck.

Pixeljunk Eden

When ‘Pixel Junk’ released their first game on PSN ‘Pixel Junk Racers’ nobody would ever have thought a few months later they’d go ahead and release a game solely about swinging around the garden of eden.

PixelJunk Eden, the company’s third PSN game to date sees you playing as a “Grimp”, a small creature that maneuvers itself by jumping from and attaching itself to plant-like structures. While that sounds easy, it’s the Pixel (¬ ¬) perfect swinging and jumping the game demands of you that creates the games challanges.

While the likes of Geo Wars 2 and Stardust HD both offer a more old school/traditional approach to downloadable games, Eden really is offering you something mind bendingly different.

The game is priced at €7.99 (£6) (a demo is also available)


Take Mario, add two table spoons of Prince of Persia, a bucket load of hardcore puzzle solving and you leave to cool.

Braid, this years ‘Portal’ apparently (then again, I’m hearing that alot these days) puts you in a platform world, gives you time controlling powers, and then rips away every bit of knowledge and skill you thought you ever had to play games. The game works similar to ‘Sands of Time’ in the way that, when you die you can reverse back time to correct your error. However, the game also uses time to have you perform the crazyest puzzle solving, jumping and leaping about you’ll ever have the pleasure of heart attack enduring.

Braid is not for everybody (And for 1200 points you’d better well like it) it is however, one of the most interesting and quirky downloadable games to hit the arcade. More of this please.

Castle Crashers

Developed by The Behemoth, ‘Castle Crashers’, is the company’s second console game. Having worked on ‘Alien Hominid’ they’ve returned with a 4 player side scroller, playable locally or over LIVE.

The game sees you take control one of four Knights, each with unique powers. If it’s anything like ‘The Behemoth’s’ previous work, Castle Crashers will offer a hardcore, but comic like experience.

The game launches this Wednesday on Live Arcade for 1200 points.

Latest MGS4 trailer (with a touch of Muse)

April 26, 2008

I’ve always wanted to add my own music score to one of these trailers, and while not my own written score, I have added in one of my favourite Muse songs. There’s some slow-mo editing and the like in there too.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

April 1, 2008


Stood for ‘High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program’, H.A.A.R.P is the third live DVD to be released by Devon band ‘Muse’

Taken from two concerts performed by the band at Wembley Stadium in June 2007, the live DVD contains 20 songs (the CD 15) and gives, for anybody who wasn’t there a look at how the band took to the colossal stadium.

If opening with ‘Knights of Cydonia’ wasn’t a clear enough indication that Muse were going to rock Wembley, and rock it hard, then playing Hysteria (taken from 2004’s album ‘Absolution’) straight after it would help makes thing a little clearer. The stage set up with giant satellites, people floating around the sky on air balloons, and two mosh pits that clearly resemble something of an alien nature it makes the bands lyrics -influenced by global conspiracies and the New World Order Conspiracy- fit right in.

Winner of 11 live awards, it’s natural to be in awe at the bands stage presence. Their entrance, rising up from the middle of the stadium, Matt Bellamy picking up his guitar via what looks like a robot from the future, the satellites mentioned earlier shining bright lights onto the crowd as night falls on Wembley, the outro riffs, it’s all there and as Matt said in an interview, they want to make it even bigger and better next time.

The DVD is a must buy for any Muse fan of course, and it’s a great way to see them play one of their biggest gigs ever. The real treat however comes to the people who were there that day, to relive the memory of it all.

What be this all about?

April 1, 2008


Hello there, and welcome to .Part of the plan

This blog, written by myself Kevin Lynch and Niall Gosker will be updated frequently to include stuff on video games, music, movies and other titbits of fun.