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Latest MGS4 trailer (with a touch of Muse)

April 26, 2008

I’ve always wanted to add my own music score to one of these trailers, and while not my own written score, I have added in one of my favourite Muse songs. There’s some slow-mo editing and the like in there too.


The Best of the Ace Attorney Soundtracks

April 23, 2008

The Ace Attorney series has proven that size doesn’t matter when it comes to producing an exhilarating and immersive soundtrack. I present to you the cream de la crop of the series’ soundtrack, including Apollo Justice. Only one song can be crowned No. 1 in each section, so as you can imagine, many tough decisions were made.

Best Courtroom Lobby Track – Courtroom Lobby ~ New Prelude, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Best Courtroom Track – Trial, Trials and Tribulations

Best Examination Moderate Track – Examination ~ Moderate 2001, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Best Examination Allegro Track – Examination ~ Allegro 2001, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Best Objection Track – Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! 2001, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Best Announce the Truth Track – Inform the Truth 2004, Trials and Tribulations

Best Cornered Track – Pursuit ~ Overtaken, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Best Suspense Track – Suspense, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

SPECIAL! Psyche(o)lock Vs Perceive – Percieve ~ Surging Eyes, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Best Investigation Opening Track – Search ~ Opening 2001, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Best Investigation Middle Stage Track – Investigation ~ Core 2007, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Best Location Track – Tachimi Circus, Justice for All

Best Character Theme Song – Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters’ Theme 2002, Justice for All

Best Victory Fanfare Track – Won the Lawsuit! ~ Another Victory, Justice for All

Best Reminiscence Track – Recollection ~ A Fate Smeared By Tricks And Gadgets, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Best Save Point Jingle – Jingle ~ That’s All For Today, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Best Detention Center Track – Detention Center ~ Tragicomic Interview, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Best Random Track – Ace Attorney 4 ~ Prologue, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Best Credits Track – Ending, Trials and Tribulations

So there you have. 7 wins for Apollo, 5 for the original game, 3 for Trials and Tribulations and 3 for Justice for All. Do you agree?

PS By far the most difficult choice for me was the Character’s Theme song award. So many great tracks but in the end, one had to be singled out.

The GR Muse Experience

April 23, 2008

August 13th. Be there.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

April 1, 2008


Stood for ‘High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program’, H.A.A.R.P is the third live DVD to be released by Devon band ‘Muse’

Taken from two concerts performed by the band at Wembley Stadium in June 2007, the live DVD contains 20 songs (the CD 15) and gives, for anybody who wasn’t there a look at how the band took to the colossal stadium.

If opening with ‘Knights of Cydonia’ wasn’t a clear enough indication that Muse were going to rock Wembley, and rock it hard, then playing Hysteria (taken from 2004’s album ‘Absolution’) straight after it would help makes thing a little clearer. The stage set up with giant satellites, people floating around the sky on air balloons, and two mosh pits that clearly resemble something of an alien nature it makes the bands lyrics -influenced by global conspiracies and the New World Order Conspiracy- fit right in.

Winner of 11 live awards, it’s natural to be in awe at the bands stage presence. Their entrance, rising up from the middle of the stadium, Matt Bellamy picking up his guitar via what looks like a robot from the future, the satellites mentioned earlier shining bright lights onto the crowd as night falls on Wembley, the outro riffs, it’s all there and as Matt said in an interview, they want to make it even bigger and better next time.

The DVD is a must buy for any Muse fan of course, and it’s a great way to see them play one of their biggest gigs ever. The real treat however comes to the people who were there that day, to relive the memory of it all.

What be this all about?

April 1, 2008


Hello there, and welcome to .Part of the plan

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